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Bach Flower Remedies

honey bee amid sunlit flowers

As discovered and researched in the 1930s by the late English Physician and Homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach, these flower remedies constitute a simple and completely natural method of healing through the personality. Of the 38 flower essences, all but one of the remedies are distilled from trees, plants and wildflowers and all are totally gentle, effective and non-toxic.

Dr. Bach recognized that many illnesses derive from mental processes & attitudes (ie: uncertainty or over-sensitivity) and emotional states (fear, despair), which leave us vulnerable and out-of-sync with our true nature. He determined that treating the mind helps eliminate the sources of illness, thus restoring balance and health.

His 38 remedies are divided into seven different groups representing mental and emotional conflicts. And so he also defined seven stages in the healing of disease: Peace, Hope, Joy, Faith, Certainty, Wisdom and Love.

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