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Structural Integration

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Structural Integration is a process of working the connective tissue (or fascia) in order to realign our bodies in gravity. With every broken bone, surgery, accident or injury the underlying fascia can be damaged, causing compensating patterns. Unfortunately, these patterns become anchored in our structures and begin to impede our movements and make functioning more difficult.

Unlike massage, Structural Integration delves deeply through multiple layers of tissue to help soften and lengthen the fascia, allowing for more freedom of movement. Structural Integration's benefits are permanent, enhancing our body's spatial and functional organization, and providing improved mobility with renewed ease and grace.

"When the tone of the soft tissue is balanced, there is a sensation of lightness in the body... the structure presents less resistance, and gravity can 'flow through'".   - Dr. Ida P. Rolf

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"In 20+ years of having bodywork (reflexology, chiropractic, acupuncture, craniosacral, Reiki and massage) by various professionals, Robin's work has been the most effective I have found. With a year of regular Structural Integration I have experienced notable results; a few I will list: increased breathing capacity, better reflexes and range-of-motion, better posture with an increase in my height of 3/4", and most importantly, a chronic elbow issue that had begun to interfere with work has been resolved. In short, my whole body is improving!"

"Robin is wonderfully intuitive and I would recommend her work to all."   Gayle K., Billings, MT

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