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Big Sky Wellness Is No Longer Active – Robin Has Retired

Retirement Hammock

July 22, 2020

To my former clients, I will miss you all. I'm humbled and grateful to each of you for trusting me to help you through areas of pain/restriction and hopefully to a more permanent version of your true selves. Believe me when I tell you that I've learned so much from each of you and gained from our collaborations.

In the last few months I've discovered that there are three other women in Billings who have training/experience in Rolfing/Structural Integration. Alphabetically, they are:

  • Jodi Alexander, Structural Integrator/licensed Massage Therapist
  • Madison Kebble, Certified Rolfer
    Conscious Evolution Bodywork
  • Laura Nollmeyer, Certified Rolfer
    Healing By Design

When you feel ready for more work please give them a call, ask all the questions you want, and then go with your gut - who feels right for you? Or, try all three. I'm sure one of these women will be a good fit.

Again, I'm so grateful for our sessions and I cherish the work we've accomplished together. Stay well and happy!

Here are some Wellness Links which may help you to that end:

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Peace be with you.

  Serene Lake  

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